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Tour Bundles

SAVE 20% by booking a tour bundle with Keweenaw Boat Tours and Upper Peninsula Tours. Choose a boat tour on day 1 and an inland adventure on day 2, or whatever suits your schedule. Below are a couple options to help plan your adventure. Book your Keweenaw Surf n' Turf adventure today!

Keweenaw Appetizer / Superior Sunset 

Book a "Keweenaw Appetizer" adventure for the morning where you will see seldom visited waterfalls 45ft tall and 20ft tall then take a 4x4 ride for Keweenaw cliff views. Then partake in a "Superior Sunset" boat tour in the evening where you will experience sandstone cliffs, a waterfall, and an unforgettable sunset over lake superior! 

Sunset with guests.jpg

Jacobsville Lighthouse and Walk with the Monks

Book a boat tour to the Jacobsville Lighthouse and sandstone cliffs in the morning, then take a backcountry adventure with "Yooper Steve" to a secluded waterfall or spectacular views of the Keweenaw.

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